Muscle car vs. sports car: do you know the differences? Even the most well-versed car enthusiasts can get the two confused. Although the two share several similarities, each has its own distinctive qualities.

Our knowledgeable staff at CEO Rentals outlined some key distinctions between the two types of cars. Choose our fleet of exotic car rentals in Orlando, FL.

What’s a Muscle Car?

Muscle cars refer to American cars designed for drag and street races. They typically feature a bulkier body with more brawn than other vehicle varieties. A traditional muscle car has a robust V8 engine under the hood and a door on either side of the body and can hit high speeds quickly.

Because of its sporty appearance, many people lump it into the same category as a classic sports car. However, the two differ.

What’s a Sports Car? 

A sports car features a more elegant, slender build than a muscle car. Although it, too, can reach high speeds quickly, it doesn’t have the same power behind its performance as the muscle car. Most sports car designs enhance the day-to-day driving experience, whereas muscle cars focus on show and speed.

The most popular sports car brands originate and operate out of Europe. Think big, luxury names like Maserati, Bugatti, and Mercedes-Benz. Sports models prioritize precise performance and sleek design before the raw power for which muscle cars earned their fame.

Price and Status

Although sports and muscle cars share numerous similarities, price reflects one area where they converge. Muscle car vs. sports car: which one typically costs less? You might be surprised that a muscle car often has a lower price tag than its designer European counterpart.

Muscle cars are traditionally associated with blue-collar workers in the lower-middle class. Meanwhile, sports car designs historically appealed to affluent people by offering luxurious interiors and polished frames and bodies. However, both cars have risen in popularity and, therefore, in price.

Body and Build

The muscle cars’ designs traditionally featured more bare-bones interiors with brawny bodies that could house the powerful engines they required. Their large bodies and dramatic features give them a stoic, masculine appearance.

Meanwhile, sports cars feature curvy lines, slender bodies, and smaller frames. Their design directly impacts how the vehicle handles turns at high speeds. Designers also place creativity, visual impact, and modern luxury features at the forefront of each new model they release.

Although both cars are built for speed, all drivers should exercise safe driving practices as a general rule. Driving at high speeds, even in a car built for such speeds, can cause collisions in areas with low speed limits.

Muscle Car vs. Sports Car: Which Should You Rent From CEO Rentals?

Muscle car vs. sports car: what’s your pleasure? At CEO Rentals, our fleet features a diverse plethora of luxury vehicles, from boxy modern muscle cars to sleek sports cars.

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