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Celebrate in Style With Our Special Event Luxury Car Rentals in Orlando, FL 

A special event luxury rental car in Orlando, FL, can make a massive difference for your guests. Whether you’re throwing a happy 16th birthday party for your child or taking your sweetheart on a romantic date night, you’ll benefit from using one of our many luxury car rentals.

The right car rental in Orlando, FL, makes a statement and can be a nice touch for any event. However, you’ll want to use an exemplary exotic car rental service.

CEO Rentals proudly provides many luxurious vehicles alongside customized services, including goodie bags, balloons, roses, discounts, and more.

Special Event Exotic Car Rentals in Orlando, FL

Alongside being a joy to drive, our luxury cars are perfect for many special events, including the following: 


Birthdays are always an excellent excuse for a luxury car rental! Your friend or someone in your family might be reaching a significant birthday. They deserve to celebrate in style with a cruise around town in a high-end vehicle.

Our rental car inventory includes vehicles from some of the top manufacturers, and you can use them to turn your birthday gift into an adventure. With our service, you receive unlimited miles within Florida. 

So whether you want to stick within the city or venture out across Central Florida, a special event luxury rental car in Orlando, FL, provides a great opportunity.


Many people think of limos when they hear prom and rental vehicles. However, limos can be very expensive and impractical. So instead, show up to your prom date’s house cruising behind the wheel of a Bentley or Mercedes. 

Of course, if multiple couples are going together, then CEO Rentals also has SUVs. Our rentals come with various entertainment features alongside perks like plush-leather seating. Parents will also be happy to know that we include many safety features. 

Mother’s or Father’s Day 

For many kids, their first vehicle came from their parents. Return the favor by renting a muscle car for Father’s Day or a Mercedes for Mother’s Day. Whether your parents will want to drive the vehicles themselves or have you take them to dinner, they’re sure to have a blast!


Special event exotic rental cars in Orlando, FL, can also significantly improve an anniversary. So whether you’re celebrating 20 years of marriage or six months of dating, your partner will surely be impressed when you pull up in a Lamborghini. 

special events luxury exotic car rental orlando fl

For Any Special Event – Call CEO Rentals for Your Next Luxury or Exotic Car Rental in Orlando, FL

Whether you’re renting luxury sedans or other vehicles, use CEO Rentals for these reasons: 

  • A personalized experience: Contact us ahead of time to add little touches like gourmet chocolates, balloons, or romantic notes. 
  • Available 24/7: Our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer your questions, book services, and pick up or return your car. 
  • Many delivery locations: We’re based in Orlando but offer delivery services and one-way trip options throughout Central Florida. 
  • Various rental options: We have an expansive catalog of a roomy Mercedes, a stylish Bentley Continental GT, and more. 

Get your special event luxury rental car in Orlando, FL, by calling CEO Rentals at (689) 710-6109

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