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If you have a passion for exotic supercars, you must participate in the next GT Rally. You won’t find a better way to network with other supercar enthusiasts, enjoy unique adventures, or experience the luxury that only a supercar provides. The GT Rally allows you to find community, fun, and excitement that centers around gorgeous sports cars.

While rally organizers haven’t announced any details for 2023, our car enthusiasts at CEO Rentals want to hype this event and spread awareness. Keep an eye on or email for information about upcoming rallies.

The GT Rally

In 2018, Adam Lesny founded the GT Rally to promote the lifestyle of car enthusiasts. He included various activities to facilitate networking and socializing among like-minded individuals. He believes a passion for cars is a way of life, not just a simple hobby.

The GT Rally includes a few yearly events that take you through different American cities. Each rally involves an itinerary of various events including pool parties, upscale hotel stays, beach parties, and more. Last year, GT organizers planned a party with a tropical theme that drew the crowds. 

CEO Rentals’ Luxury & Exotic Car Rentals

Once more event details are released, you’ll want to rent a luxury car for the GT rally from us. Our diverse fleet contains a variety of pristine, exotic cars. Each will cultivate the sense of lavishness and adventure that you crave in 2023.

Select from luxury brands like Mercedes, and Bentley. Discover stylish luxury vehicles, lavishly exotic models, and flashy sports cars all in one place. Each car boasts unique, modern features and a gorgeous, chic exterior. Our vehicles offer excellent conversation pieces and an opulent experience for you and any passengers.

Become a Part of Something Bigger with CEO Rentals

When you rent a luxury car for the GT Rally, you’ll become a part of a bigger community. Prepare to open a new chapter in your life by participating in this event. As the best luxury car service in Orlando, FL, and surrounding areas, we focus on exceptional customer service and convenience. This way, you can focus on creating more defining moments.

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