There are cars, and there are extra special, rare vehicles that offer ultra-impressive performance and a high level of exclusivity. Whether you’re looking to rent a luxury vehicle for a special occasion or planning an exotic car photo shoot in Orlando, FL, you may wonder which qualities mark the line between a regular vehicle and a supercar. So what makes a car a supercar?

1. Performance

A supercar typically has an extra-powerful engine and exhibits impressive performance on the road. Although the term “supercar” is highly subjective, most vehicles that earn this badge deliver outstanding top speed with mind-blowing acceleration.

A step up from supercars are hypercars, which are the best of the best in terms of speed, acceleration, and other performance specs.

2. Technology

Supercars use some of the most advanced technology available on the vehicle market today. While sports cars in general are high-performing cars with top-notch tech, a supercar will often have innovative additions like active aerodynamics, advanced suspension technologies, cloud-based and AI monitoring features, supercapacitors, and other features most other vehicles don’t have.

Of course, vehicle tech evolves rapidly, so details you’ll only see in supercars today may become mainstream in a couple of years.

3. Outer and Inner Design

Design is a central part of what makes a car a supercar. Most supercars feature sleek, elegant lines and a distinct eye-catching style that instantly puts these vehicles in the spotlight.

Supercar design often includes high-end materials, advanced ergonomics, and supreme attention to detail. Apart from a jaw-dropping appearance, a supercar will typically come with luxurious features like cushy padded leather seats, a stylish interior, seat massagers, advanced infotainment systems, and other features that will delight you and impress your passengers.

4. Driving Experience

Supercars deliver a high-end driving experience that enhances every aspect of your ride, from impressive acceleration and speed to superior vehicle balance, assisted parking, and a luxurious premium interior with smart controls and multiple special perks. Driving a supercar feels so amazing you never want your trip to end.

5. Price and Rarity

While there’s no hard and fast rule that states the cutoff price for a supercar, supercars are expensive, comparatively rare models. If a vehicle makes heads turn, it’s probably safe to define it as a supercar.

6. Innovative Safety Features

Safety might not be the trendiest or flashiest consideration in supercars and exotic vehicles, but the fact is high-end cars implement advanced safety features. New cars, including supercars, use cutting-edge safety technologies like blind spot detection and stability control to protect the driver, the passengers, and the vehicle.

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