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The Best Luxury Car Rental Services in Orlando FL

Drive in style with our luxury car rental services in Orlando, FL. CEO Rentals proudly provides top-of-the-line luxury vehicles perfect for every style and taste. Our cars let you experience Orlando, Florida, with world-class treatment. 

Our rental cars feature attractive and sleek finishes paired with endless entertainment options. We provide everything from Bentleys and Mercedes to SUVs perfect for a large group. So whether cruising along Florida’s beaches or going to a wedding, you’re sure to find the right fit. 

Why Choose Our Exotic Car Rental Services 

Choosing the right luxury or exotic car rental in Orlando, FL, is never easy. Besides selections, you also need to consider a company’s reputation, overall services, and how they strive for customer satisfaction. 

Our company does much more than pair you with luxury rentals. We can manage your car for you and provide discounts for returning customers, unlimited miles within Florida, prepaid fuel, and goodie bags. 

We provide customized solutions for your exact needs, including tinted windows for privacy. Our professional crew can point you in the right direction if you have a model in mind or want to explore options. 

We also provide delivery and pick-up services, meaning you don’t need to go out of your way to get your rental vehicle. We can have your vehicle ready when you leave the airport or at a different location. 

Events You Can Use Our Luxury Vehicles For 

Our luxury car rental services in Orlando FL, are perfect for various events, including: 

corporate events luxury car rental orlando fl

Corporate Events 

Many people visit Orlando, Florida, while on business, such as attending corporate events. You may even participate in several conferences, conventions, parties, business meetings, and more over a week or two. 

Use one of our elite vehicles to get around while impressing your clients and business associates. 

special events luxury exotic car rental orlando fl

Special Events, Birthdays, Anniversaries, & More

Your birthday only comes once a year, so why not treat yourself by cruising around in a Bentley or Mercedes? Choose the vehicle that speaks the most to you and your guests.

Of course, any special occasion may call for our top-notch exotic car rentals. Whether you got a job promotion, are celebrating success on your new business, or enjoying the holidays in Orlando, our rentals deliver.

luxury car rental weddings orlando fl


By default, most weddings carry an air of elegance and luxury, almost calling for an exotic car rental. Therefore, we provide many sleek, comfortable, and safe luxury vehicles to help wedding guests get around. 

Our vehicles are also perfect for bachelor parties and bridal showers. Our cars allow you to stream your own music using your Android or iPhone devices. Of course, features like plush leather cabins and heated seats will add to the luxury. 

photoshoot luxury exotic car rental orlando fl


Florida has many scenic locations ripe for photoshoots. However, sometimes a photoshoot needs some extra flair. You can use our rental vehicles for Instagram-worthy photos.

Photos of you behind the wheel of a McLaren GT or leaning next to a Bentley Continental GT are sure to make a buzz on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

manage my rental car orlando fl

Rental Car Management Services

At CEO Rentals, luxury cars are our passion, and we understand the thought of a stranger driving your car can be scary. However, our rental company implements many measures to ensure that your prized vehicle receives excellent care!

You can enroll your vehicle into our exotic car rental program. Doing so can help you earn passive income instead of keeping your luxury vehicle in your garage. 

Rent Your Luxury Vehicle Today 

At CEO Rentals, we design our luxury and exotic car rental services in Orlando, FL, to combine elegance with convenience. We do so by always providing a straightforward, seamless experience.

Discover our many luxury and exotic Orlando, FL, vehicles by calling CEO Rentals today at (689) 710-6109

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