Rent a Luxury Car for the American Gumball Rally from CEO Rentals

As inspired by the 1976 film The Gumball Rally, starring Michael Sarrazin, the American Gumball Rally boasts one of the most comprehensive scenic tours in America. You’ll travel from sea to shining sea exploring this vast country and participating in friendly competition along the way. In a word, the Gumball Rally provides an adventure from coast to coast. The word “Gumball” was a code word in the 1976 film.

When you book an exotic or luxury car with us at CEO Rentals, you’ll have the perfect companion with which you can truly enjoy the experience. 

The American Gumball Rally

The American Gumball Rally takes you from Los Angeles to New York City in an experience of epic proportions that you can’t afford to miss! During this event, you get to be a race driver in a series of challenging road races at various checkpoints along the way. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to put your driving skills on display: including expert navigation, flawless coordination, and the ability to handle upcoming twists and turns. To participate, you need a trustworthy partner with a thirst for adventure. You also need a sports car that can handle the mileage and the challenges. 

Rent a Luxury Car That Matches Your Style

At CEO Rentals, you’ll discover our expansive fleet of sports cars and muscle cars. Each of these exceptional models was designed for adventures like the American Gumball Rally. They boast enviable horsepower, sharp handling, unmatched style, and all the trappings that make this iconic road trip as comfortable as possible. 

Choose from a variety of colors, makes, and models. Each car has unique features to enrich your trip. We’ll help you find the perfect match for your unique tastes. 

Take This All-American Road Trip with an Exotic Rental From CEO Rentals 

Our spectacular customer service includes convenient delivery services for clients in Orlando, FL, and surrounding areas. You can either relax or make plans with your teammate without having to worry about your luxury sports car’s arrival. At CEO Rentals, we will ensure you can put the important things first with the Gumball Rally. 

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