Exotic sports cars are unique, one-of-a-kind, and breathtaking, but since they are quite rare, the chance to drive them doesn’t happen every day for most people. That’s why renting an exotic sports car is often a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

However, even if you’re set on renting an exotic vehicle, you may struggle to pick a car. While some renters might know exactly what car they want to rent, others need some guidance. If you’re wondering which car to choose, consider these five tips that will help you to choose the ideal exotic sports car for your Orlando getaway.

1. Consider the Car’s Purpose

The first tip for picking the right sports car for your needs is to consider why you need a rental. For example, are you getting your rental for a business expo, a family trip, or a romantic anniversary?

Certain vehicles are a better fit for specific circumstances. For example, you might choose a luxury Mercedes-Benz for a family vacation but a sleek, sexy sports car like a Ferrari for a night out with your partner.

2. Think About Cost

Everyone has a different budget. However, that shouldn’t prevent you from renting the sports car of your dreams. Take note that some exotic sports cars cost more than others to rent.

For example, a rare vehicle model with a twin-turbocharged or v12 engine costs more to rent than a common luxury brand car with a naturally aspirated engine. Always consider your budget before booking to ensure a great time that doesn’t break the bank.

3. Choose the Right Size Vehicle

Another tip to consider before committing is the number of passengers. If you need to accommodate five passengers, you need a drastically different vehicle than someone who only needs a vehicle for two.

4. Find a Color that Speaks to You

Luxury cars are meant to feel special. It’s your time to drive the car of your dreams, so you might as well make your choice based on any characteristic you find important. The color of your exotic sports car might be a huge deciding factor.

For example, some renters desire a bright yellow car while others want a carbon fiber-wrapped blue. Let the color of the car be a decision-making factor before renting.

5. Find the Power and Speed You Want

A final factor that may influence your renting decision is the power of the vehicle. Some of the fastest cars made are luxury exotic cars. However, if you don’t plan to push the limits of speeds with your car, then choosing one with less horsepower may be a better choice.

Choose a Premier Rental Company

When you’re ready to rent an exotic sports car, speak with a member of CEO Rentals about any of the five tips discussed previously for the optimal renting experience. CEO Rentals is your exotic rental car company that serves Orlando, FL, and the surrounding areas.

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