Are you planning to rent a car for your next trip to Florida or to cater to a client flying into the state? Either way, you’re not the only one. The car rental market’s global value is forecasted to increase by $12.4 billion between 2023 and 2027

If you’re planning to contribute to this growth by renting a luxury car, you must be prepared for the associated expenses and other considerations. We take you through five essential points you should keep in mind when renting a luxury car.

What to Consider When Renting a Luxury Car in Florida

Renting a luxury car is a matchless experience, whether you do it for leisure or business. So, it’s understandable why you’d want to make it a memorable one. 

To make sure that occurs, here are five key points to remember when renting a luxury vehicle in Florida. 

Plan Ahead

Being spontaneous is great. We understand that. 

But you can’t always expect to land in Orlando and have a Mercedes or Bentley waiting for you. Depending on the season and the time of the year, it’s likely most luxury vehicles will already be rented out. 

Planning ahead can ensure you get the car you want and avoid last-minute disappointments. At CEO Rentals, we cater to clients year-round. All you have to do is give us a call, and we’ll take it from there. 

Consider Your Luggage 

If you want to rent a luxury vehicle for leisure, it must be spacious enough to accommodate your luggage and the other passengers in the car. 

The same goes for transporting clients and colleagues. Some luxury cars can be a bit cramped. So, it’s essential to factor in the luggage restrictions when looking for a vehicle. 

For example, if you want to rent a Ferrari 488, it will fit two carry-on suitcases in the trunk. But if you have a bigger family, the GT4 Lusso will work well for your needs. 

Rent From Big Cities 

While rental companies can deliver vehicles to small and remote towns, the delivery fee can be high. Also, sometimes, it’s just not a possibility. 

Instead, rent from major towns and cities, such as metropolitans. For instance, if you’re in Florida, you can get your vehicle from the CEO Rental headquarters in Orlando. But we also offer delivery and drop-off across central Florida for even more convenience. 

Inform of Additional Needs Beforehand 

Most rental services will add extra amenities upon request for a fee. Let your rental service know if you require additional features like GPS navigation systems or child safety seats. 

At CEO Rentals, we offer a customized experience with goodie bags that you can fill with water, wristbands, chocolates, and other items. Whichever special request you have, inform us before the rental period commences. 

Opt for 24/7 Assistance 

The last thing you want is a problem to arise while on the road. That’s why renting from companies that offer reliable customer support every hour of the day, seven days a week, is wise. 

At CEO Rentals, we provide 24/7 pickup and return access. If you need to have a rental vehicle delivered at 2 in the morning or picked up early Sunday, we can make it happen. Get in touch with us to learn more. 


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