Are you planning to rent a special event luxury rental car in Orlando, FL? Did you get invited to a ride in an exotic car? Brushing up on luxury car etiquette basics will help create a positive experience for everyone in the vehicle. Check out the following simple guidelines for an enjoyable ride in a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Mercedes.

Do: Consider Other People’s Seating Preferences

When it’s seating time, consider the preferences of the driver and your fellow passengers. Some people strongly favor the front passenger seat, while others prefer the curbside back seat. The seating order may depend on a specific guest’s comfort, the seat’s accessibility for disabled individuals, ease of conversation, and other considerations. It’s best to stay flexible and accept a seating arrangement that works best for everyone.

Do: Remember Car Safety

Whatever vehicle you’re riding in, car safety comes first. As a passenger, you should help the driver keep their eyes on the road. Avoid talking to the driver at tricky turns and spots that call for extra attention, and never try to get the driver to look at your phone screen during the ride.

Do: Respect the Vehicle and Its Occupants

Respecting other people’s vehicles is a universal guideline, but civilized behavior is even more important in luxury car etiquette. Keep your feet off the seats and the dashboard, never smoke in a rented luxury vehicle, and avoid eating greasy, smelly, or crumbly foods in the car. Make sure you collect all your personal belongings when you exit the vehicle.

Don’t: Tell the Driver What to Do

If the driver asks for advice, such as “Should I take this turn?” it’s acceptable to offer your input. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy your ride while the driver chooses the route. Backseat driving can cause accidents and tend to be annoying. After all, when you lounge in an extra-special luxury or exotic vehicle, enjoying your ride is as important as getting to your destination on time.

Don’t: Adjust Climate Controls Without Permission

A polite driver will usually ask their passengers whether they’re comfortable with the temperature inside the car. However, unless you get an open invitation to tweak the settings, keep your hands off climate controls, except in a situation when they only affect your personal zone.

Don’t: Insist on Your Choices in Music

The driver typically gets to decide what music they play during the ride. If the driver asks you what you’d like to listen to, you can state your preferences, but otherwise, a well-mannered passenger should accept the driver’s choice even if it’s not their favorite.

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