When you drive an exotic car on a romantic date night in Orlando, you’re sure to impress your significant other. Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion, like Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, picking up your date in a Ferrari or Mercedes will surely leave a lasting impression.

The Top Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Romantic Date Night

Not everyone has the time or money to buy exotic cars, but renting one for a night can provide an excellent driving experience. When you drive an exotic car, you and your date instantly feel classier.

However, you should treat your Bentley or Ferrari rental as the final topping to an excitement-filled evening. Let’s explore some ways to spice up your romantic Orlando date night: 

Go to a Fancy Dinner

Orlando, FL, has plenty of romantic restaurants for couples, including Prato, The Wine Room, the Hillstone, Knife & Spoon, and more. Many of Orlando’s restaurants provide classy settings paired with delicious food and drinks.

Of course, while your significant other will surely feel excitement dining at a restaurant holding a few Michelin stars, it doesn’t hurt to think outside the box, either.

You can take your date to the first restaurant the two of you ever ate at. Whether this restaurant was a fancy steakhouse or a small café, your date can appreciate the sentiment.

Visit Disney World

While exotic cars and Mickey Mouse may not sound like they mix, you can’t deny the magic Disney World has. While most of the attractions at Disney World specifically target the interest of children, many romantic spots exist for older couples.

Attractions like Disney Springs, watching the fireworks, cruising ferry boats, and flying on the Disney Skyliner all make perfect date-night options. Of course, even the most no-nonsense adult can suddenly grin and laugh when they see Goofy or Minnie Mouse waving. 

Visit Downtown Orlando

When driving your date out on the open road, take a chance to visit Orlando’s downtown. Here, many romantic opportunities exist, like having a picnic at Lake Eola Park or taking part in the exciting nightlife on Orange Avenue.

You can also take your date to the Leu Gardens or visit the Kraft Azalea Gardens at Winter Park.

What Vehicles Make for the Best Romantic Car Experience?

Choosing what exotic car to drive can be challenging, and the day you have planned can influence this decision. For example, if you want to have a picnic somewhere, you may want an SUV for more space.

If your plans include an elegant dinner or venturing to downtown Orlando, some excellent options include:

Find Your Exotic Rental Car Today

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