Car rentals or other vehicles for special occasions seem very commonplace today. Renting a muscle or sports car can take an event to the extra level. While a Ferrari with extra horsepower might not be the most practical for everyday use, for a special event, this luxury car can shine.

Let’s explore six events that can benefit from an exotic car rental:

1. Birthdays

Currently, car rentals experience 27.2% growth every year, and there’s no reason why your friend or family member shouldn’t get in on the action.

An exotic car rental offers a great way to impress your friend with a birthday gift they likely won’t forget. Even if your friend isn’t the biggest exotic car enthusiast, no one can say no to jumping behind the wheel of a luxurious Bentley.

2. Father’s Day

Many Americans received their first car with their parents’ help. Your parents may have bought you a car outright or helped you with the payments.

While nothing can pay your dad back for giving you your first set of wheels, an exotic car rental can help. Your dad may have dreams of driving a classy Mercedes. Renting a car for him to cruise around for a day or two can surely make his Father’s Day memorable and unique.

3. Bachelor’s Parties

A bachelor’s party allows the guys to come together and celebrate their friend getting married while also having fun. Whether you plan to stay in Orlando, FL, or want to venture off the beaten path with a road trip, a luxury car rental can deliver.

Choose from luxury SUV vehicles for special occasions that can fit multiple people.

4. Business Trips

For your next business trip, why not choose a luxurious Lamborghini or Bentley instead of a boring Ford Focus? Cruising around in a luxury car can make dealing with tedious business trips more exciting. Of course, you can quickly impress fellow workers or potential clients.

5. Weddings

For weddings, many people stick to white sedans, but renting a luxury vehicle can make your wedding feel more elegant. Besides looking great, exotic cars also provide you with extra comfort and convenience. Your wedding can be stressful, but a luxury car makes the day more magical.

6. Honeymoon

While some couples go abroad for their honeymoon, others like to explore other areas in the state. Central Florida has plenty of wonderful cities to visit, including Orlando. However, taking a taxi everywhere or driving a boring car can undermine your honeymoon’s classy feeling.

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There’s a time and place for renting a party bus or an unassuming car. Vehicles for special occasions offer a better solution when you want your day or night to feel more elegant.

At CEO Rentals, we can help pair you with the right vehicle. Our excellent customer service includes delivery across Central Florida and a variety of exotic cars and SUVs to choose from.

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